Friday, May 8, 2009

BJP's youth wing mobilised public opinion against black money in Swiss banks

Chandigarh, May 7. BJP found a novel way of mobilizing public opinion on the issue of black money hoarded illegally by Indians in Swiss bank accounts. Activists of BJP’s Youth wing led by it’s National Media Incharge Vineet Joshi, & Chandigarh State President Gurpreet Singh Dhillon, carried out an opinion poll in Sector-17 plaza, Chandigarh on the issue of initiating vigorous action to bring back Indian wealth hoarded in secret Swiss bank accounts and other tax havens.

Eight teams carrying ballot boxes along with the forms went shop to shop and to all the persons standing in plaza requesting to cast their opinion on the issue.

A total of 1034 people expressed their opinion on the issue of ill gotten money which lies in Switzerland based accounts of Indian tax evaders, corrupt individuals, criminals, corrupt politicians and others. People freely answered questions like, Do you know that India’s black money is deposit in SWISS bank?, Do you agree with the thought of BJP and Shri L.K.Advani for get money back from Swiss bank in our country? Which party can get money back from Swiss bank? Is the black money deposited in Swiss bank, the reason for political instability, corruption, and terrorism? Do you think if that black money will be back to India, the country debt will be cleared, and money will be utilized for poverty eradication?

Speaking on the occasion Vineet Joshi, National Media Incharge BJP Youth Wing said that BJP is committed to bring back Indian wealth from Swiss banks and re invest the same towards waiving debts of farmers, investing in infrastructure, providing safe drinking water to every Indian, construction of houses for poor and for rural development on a larger than ever scale.

Also present were Mahishinder Sidhu, State Gen Secy BJP Youth Wing and Robin Kanwar, Arvind Rana, Jaganath Mishra, Gurpreet Laddi and Harjeet Singh Dist Presidents of Dist no 1,2,3,4,5 respectively.

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