Monday, June 29, 2009

Rayat-Bahra Amalgamata mega job fest employs 1200 people

Giant corporates come knocking for candidates at Rayat-Bahra Amalgamata
Rayat-Bahra job fest scripts success stories, opportunities

Chandigarh, June 24
More than 1200 youngsters are expected to get employment with giant corporate that came knocking at the Rayat-Bahra mega job fest Amalgamata 2009 held at Rayat - Bahra Mohali Campus.

The Assistant Managing Director, Mr. Sandeep Singh Kaura said that total 1266 candidates were short listed from about 30, 000 job applications received online. Companies would hold telephonic interview with CEOs or top functionaries and final offer letters to apprx 1200 applicants are expected to be given in this week itself, said Mr. Kaura. He said that the group has come a step ahead in meeting with its aim to get job for all. Impressed with the quality of the applicants, the companies offered jobs to 99 students on the spot added Kaura.

An average of Rs 4 lakh package had been offered at this mega event, which took even visiting companies by surprise. Thorough procedure of online registration made it easier for companies to analyze bio-datas sent to them and hand pick the best from lot.

Mr. Gurvinder Singh Bahra, Vice Chairman , Rayat- Bahra said that “Most of the companies were impressed by the quality of candidates appearing for interviews. This has re-established the fact that North Indians have rich gray matter and equally brilliant academic track records,”

The results of job fest would be uploaded on on June 25. All the registered applicants can log on to check for their offer letters.

95 confirmed candidates include 48 selected by CMS Computers Ltd, 27 by Panasonic Corporation, 13 by Pelsoft, 5 by Reliance Communications and two by Reliance HR.

Confirmation is awaited from following companies who have selected respective candidates. 168 shortlisted by Hughes Communications India Ltd, Blue Beacon Electronic Security Systems Pvt Ltd has shortlisted 100 of candidates, 102 shortlisted by Seed Infotech, 87 shortlisted by TCIL (Infotech), 88 shortlisted by GTL, 80 shortlisted by OATI (Open Access Technology India).

Similarly, 52 shortlisted by Reliance- Comm- Reliance –Money-Reliance-Hr, 65 selected by CMC Ltd., 40 shortlisted by HFCL, 39 shortlisted by Nextgen Venturi Pvt. Ltd., 33 shortlisted each by Spanco Tele and Angel Trade, 31 shortlisted by Cadila Life, 32 shortlisted by Saber Paper, 30 shortlisted by QA Infotech, 27 shortlisted by Panasonic Corporation, 28 each shortlisted by Micro Labs and Themis, Apple Pharma has shortlisted 24, 26 shortlisted by Diplast, 20 shortlisted by Claris Life Sciences, 18 shortlisted by NVISH, 15 shortlisted by MHB Filter, 14 shortlisted by DBS Cholamandalam, 12 each shortlisted by FCS Software Solutions Ltd and Gilco Industries.

Fore Solutions has shortlisted 11 people, Bonanza Portfolio has shortlisted 10, 8 each by Allena Auto, Club Mahindra and Gold Finch Solutions. 6 each shortlisted by Panaceia Biotech, Hash Biotech, Money Matters and Impinge Sol.

Eureka Forbes, HCL Technology – BPO and Pelsoft has shortlised four candidates each, Ranbaxy and Bajaj Alliance has shortlisted three each and Taaleem India has selected two.



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