Friday, June 5, 2009

Activity packed summer camp at Ashmah International School

Mohali, June 4. A bonanza of summer’s cool holidays, coupled with fun and frolic, was held at Ashmah International school during vacation time. Every student shook a leg and broke into jig during dance sessions, Angel’s yoga from an expert infused energy into young minds, magic maths helped students fight against the Math monster and personality development sessions remained the core of entire summer camp.

The campers had a busy time putting creative minds together and rolling out paper folded pen stands, masks, pot decorative et al. Education oriented activity like the one about concept of day and night formation made learning a fun. Children learned about the bountiful nature and its relation with mankind. Etiquettes and personal conduct remained highlight of this camp.

Water pools beckoned the children in sweltering heat. They enjoyed splash in pool activity. An interesting feature of the camp remained learning cooking. Children were taught simple recipes that did not require any kind work of fire. They were given hands-on experience of churning out bhelpuri, sandwich and lemon water, snacks for themselves when mom is away.

These fulfilled and action packed courses enabled students to discover and experience exciting subjects while gaining new skills and experience.

Principal Mrs Roopinder Ghuman said this was the time when introvert children shed their shy nature and recognized their talents. Such things become little difficult in normal routine. Prizes were distributed and campers were advised to remember the things learnt at camp and make them part of their lives.

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