Monday, June 29, 2009

From piles to smiles: Free piles stapler surgery performed at Cheema hospital

Patients benefited under free piles stapler surgery
Free piles stapler surgery camp at Cheema Medical Complex

Mohali, June 18

Twenty complicated patients of piles traveled their journey to smiles within matter of few hours with help of advanced minimal invasive stapler surgery performed at Cheema Medical Complex, Mohali here today.

Five doctors, who are pioneer in piles treatment all over country, performed these surgeries free of cost at this first of its kind surgical workshop.

Department of minimal invasive surgery, headed by Dr Harsh Kumar performed these surgeries. Dr Nareen Sehgal from Delhi who is a pioneer in this surgery was also present to supervise. “Only one patient was operated at a time by the team of five eminent surgeons who operated all 20 patients in a single day,” said Dr Harsh. Patients were discharged within few hours of surgery feeling pain-free, comfortable and satisfied.

“Traditional surgery is notorious for level of post operative pain patient must endure, coupled with a long recuperation period. The pain factor dissuades, nine out of ten, piles patients from opting for a surgey and usually they end up visitng quacks. Taking advantage of fear of pain, quacks offer treatment that are unsafe, untested and at times very dangerous,” cautions Dr Harsh.

He informs that this patient friendly surgery causes minimum pain, ensures fast recovery, needs only few hours hospitalization and costs 30 per cent less than procedures used earlier. Since its invention in 1993 in Italy, 10, 000 surgeries are done in India alone every year.

Dr Ajaiwant Cheema, Director, Cheema Medical Complex, Mohali said that as an estimate close to one-third of population suffer from piles at some point in their lives. Piles are life-style problem and are increasingly prevalent in age group between 30 to 60 years of age.

Sedentary life-styles are main cause of piles. To prevent its occurrence, one should eat lot of fibrous food and consume at least three liters of water every day.

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