Monday, June 29, 2009

Canada: Safest destination for migration

Canada remains the most sought after migration country amongst Indians

Mohali, June 18
Canada – the country of maple leaf – remains the safest and most sought after destination for Indians, especially Punjabi, with 3 million Indians settled there.

The only country in world to have Indians with a share in governance, Canada has a golden history that speaks for itself. In past 100 years of migration from India, the nation has never witnessed any racial abuse or attack.

“Canadian community largely comprises of Indians and even general bill boards have instructions written in Punjabi language. It’s a nation with zero tolerance towards racism and witnesses large number of Indians getting elected to various houses in state and cities,” says Lt Col BS Sandhu, President, Continental Institute for International Studies (CIIS), an institute that is an offshore campus of many Canadian universities.

Some of these universities include Thompson Rivers University, BC, Canada, Georgian College, Ontario, Canada, Red River College, Manitoba, Canada et al. It offers degree with option of shifting abroad to the parent campus. Also one can seek admission to various Canadian colleges through World Wide Education Services (WWES).

Total 51000 people have settled in Canada through World Wide immigration Consultancy Services including 39000 skilled worker professionals, 12000 businesspersons and around 9000 students. The nation is house to more than 2 lac Punjabi settlers with a strong share of Punjabis in governance too.

Liberal Party of Canada has 22 Indians, wherein one of them as served in two provinces as an MLA. Amongst Federals are Jag Bhaduria, Gurbax Singh Malhi, Herb Dhaliwal, Navdeep Bains, Ruby Dhalla, Sukh Dhaliwal, Ujjal Dosanjh. Gulzar Cheema is one of only a few Canadian politicians to sit in two provincial legislatures as member of Legislative assembly of Manitoba and Legislative assembly of British Columbia. Besides there are various members including Bharat Agnihotri from Ontario Vic Dhillon, Kuldip Kular, Harinder Takhar. The New Democratic Party (NDP) of Canada has nine Indians. Progressive Conservative Party of Canada (better known as Conservatives/Progressive Conservatives) have Deepak Oberoi, Gurmant Grewal, Nina Grewal, Harry Sohal, Raminder Gill elected to various houses.

“More than 25000 Indian students go to Canada on study permit every year. The country remains most sought after destination for higher studies all over the world with major and reputed universities offering courses of international standard. These include 6000 plus Punjabi students,” Sandhu says.

Canadian society is woven of multicultural threads reflecting everlasting harmony amongst native Canadians and Indians. Most immigrants prefer larger urban cities as it is easier to find jobs and its more accessible than other cities. The preferred cities remain Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, B.C. These areas reflect multiculturalism as immigrants sponsor their other relatives here and they end up settling in the same place. And once cities start booming, other immigrants are attracted there adding to its multi dimensional society, Sandhu adds.

Sandhu says that it’s this multicultural harmony that beckons Punjabi students to head for greener pastures abroad. CIIS is perfect place for people aiming to touch horizon. There are under graduate programmes in engineering like Mechanical Engineering Technology Automotive Manufacturing-(META), Mechanical Technology Program (MTP), Aeronautical Engineering (B.Engg.AE). In computer studies there are options of Bachelor of Computing Science (BCS) and for business administration there’s option for Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA).

CIIS also offers bridging and foundation programs through School of Creative Studies, School of Health Sciences, School of Trading. Working professionals can opt for Certificate course in Business Management for Defense Officers, CISCO CCNA Certification.

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