Monday, July 27, 2009

Parents’ day celebrated at Small Wonders School

A tribute to parents – Parents’ day at Small Wonders School

Mohali, July 27. Parents’ day was celebrated with gay and enthusiasm at the Small Wonders School, Mohali today. Parents remained the theme of entire function and took center stage.

Students of nursery 1 and nursery 3 presented a welcome song. The tiny tots hummed soul-stirring couplets Gayatri Mantra and Mool Mantra Ek Onkar. Children presented performance on God Bless Mummy, Daddy too.

Students of nursery 2 and nursery 4 presented dance on Bum Bum bole, while that of nursery 5 came out with drill and rhymes. The pupil of LKG 1 recited poems I am special, This is the father tall and kind by, I love my dad, I love my Mom by and Old Mc Donald. The wonder packs from LKG-2 danced to the tunes of O Lord, while class 3 students presented song saat samunder paar se, gudiyon ke bazaar se.

The director of Small Wonders School, Mr Sandeep Singh said that school aims to impart not only quality education to students but also emphasis on their overall development. He said that observing such days helps to inculcate value of relationships in young minds.

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