Thursday, July 16, 2009

Countries relax immigration norms to accommodate Indian immigrants

Chandigarh, June 29: The economic slowdown, that threatens to shake the very foundation of developed nations of the world, has failed to leave even a trace of impact on Indian immigration industry. With developed nations ageing at a rapid pace, which is projected to continue till 2025, young India stands as a treasure of human resources.
Lt Col BS Sandhu (Retd), Chairman & Managing Director (CMD), WWICS, World Wide Immigration Consultancy Services says that Global immigration is making waves as developed nations deal with aging populations and impending labor shortages. Many governments are implementing major changes to their immigration policies to ease them for influx of talented and hard working immigrants.
Post-landing services remain USP of WWICS. Along with its associate, Global Placement Services (GPS) it has provided placement and settlement to more than 70000 people and interacts with more than 5000 North American companies to meet their human resource needs. Many employers and corporate houses have projected their demand for employees. Also many WWICS clients get confirmed job offer prior to getting visa”, says Col Sandhu.
Col. Sandhu adds that Canada and Australia are improving their immigration policies to respond to needs of employers and potential immigrants. Since Canadian & Australian economy depends heavily on immigration to fill shortages in its labor market, applicants falling under Canada’s 38 Priority Occupation List (POL) and Australia’s Critical Skill List (CSL) are processed on fast-track system and applicant gets decision within a short span of 12 months.
As far as Canadian immigration is concerned, one could also qualify for Permanent Residency with the help of Arranged Employment Opinion or the Canadian Experience Class. Being the best country for quality education in the world, Canada continues to attract international students pursuing careers in almost all disciplines. WWICS with its excellent networking with top education institutes has been helping the students from all over the world to seek admissions in Canada. WWICS has also demonstrated its strong presence in Australian education system by helping students to get admissions in top Australian Universities and Colleges.
The Permanent Residency in Canada through investment is another option especially for business people under the Canadian Federal Investor Program. By investing just Rs. 50 lakhs the applicants would be able to immigrate on fast track system within 6-12 months. Moreover there is no requirement of IELTS. With 2 years business experience and having networth equivalent to CDN 800,000, would make them qualify for this opportunity enabling their entire family to immigrate.
Even Czech Republic and Ukraine with liberalized business immigration policies are attracting entrenched Indian capital investors who can explore business, investment & farming opportunities and can reap rich dividends in a short span.
WWICS is also helping professionals to immigrate to Denmark under Danish Green Card Scheme. This point based immigration enables the applicants to reach Denmark again within 6-12 months.
Under the Tier -1 General Skilled Migration Program, WWICS has been helping the aspirants to settle in United Kingdom. Under this new point based system the applicants are qualifying to reach their dream destination in just about 30 days after the complete submission of documents.
Col. Sandhu says that during our recent seminar series in India & Overseas, we have witnessed an overwhelming response that proves the point against all odds including the present economic slowndown. There’s always an opportunity for people with special skills to demonstrate their abilities in the countries who seek such immigrants.

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