Thursday, July 16, 2009

Grecian has Super specialists for cancer surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy & onco pathology

Grecian Hospital has dedicated super specialties in all three fields of cancer treatment

Chandigarh, July 15
The cancer patients in region now have a savior in form of Grecian Hospital, Mohali that offers dedicated super specialties in all three fields of cancer treatment. With this the hospital has become only institute in North India to have super specialists for cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
Dr Shivpreet Samra, MD, Grecian Hospital said that with the three super specialists joining the institute, its oncology wing has rare to offer cancer patients. “It is not easy for cancer patients to find all super specialists under one roof. Usually the patients or their kin end up running from pillar to post for the three specialties. Offering these under one-roof is a yeoman’s job. With all these super specialties Grecian Hospital has created a unique talent bank of specialties dedicating in providing best of cancer treatment for our patients,” he added.
The surgery department has super specialist, Dr. Gopal Gurjar who is M. Ch. in Surgical Oncology (Cancer Surgery) and has distinction of being first super specialist in this field in tricity. He has undergone three years training course in cancer surgery from Gujarat Cancer Research Institute (GCRI). He has an advanced degree of surgical skills for all cancers including head and neck, chest, abdominal and gynecological cancers.
His special training and clinical application of advanced surgical techniques and reconstruction methods will be beneficial to all stages of cancer from Stage-1 to Stage-3. “With this patient suffering from cancer shall have a new lease of life in the region,” said Dr Gopal Gurjar. Prior to joining Grecian Hospital Mohali he was working as consultant in surgical oncology at Nagpur.
The super specialist in radiation therapy department is Dr. Vinod Nimbran M.D. (Radiation Oncology), a senior consultant. 80 percent of cancer patients need radiation therapy in the due course of their lives. This is delivered by a combination of sophisticated machinery and super specialist doctors in this team. Assisting Dr Nimbran are Dr. Pankaj Gandotra M.D and Dr. Meenu Gupta M.D. Both are the consultants in this field of Radiation Oncology. This team has delivered radiation to 622 patients and IMRT to over 165 patients.
Dr. Navdeep Singh D.M. Medical Oncology (from AIIMS), who is specifically trained in administering higher molecules to cancer patients for curative and maximum palliative purposes, administers chemotherapy. This therapy is now used at all stages of cancer treatment to achieve best long-term results.
An essential department in cancer includes the department of onco pathology. We have a dedicated onco pathologist in Dr Yashwant kumar , he is dedicated to diagnosing cancers by needle cytology and biopsy after surgery he gives the grade and stage of the cancer which guides the precise method of therapy in some difficult situations he does immunohistochemistry which can differentiate the exact type of cancer and direct the therapy.
Dr samra further informed that Grecian hospital is fully empanelled with the ECHS organisation for the treatment of cancer patients including radiation therapy, surgical oncology and medical oncology
Dr. Vinod Nimbran M.D. (radiation oncology) senior consultant, Dr. Pankaj Gandotra M.D. and Dr. Meenu Gupta M.D Consultant Radiation and Dr. Navdeep Singh D.M. Medical Oncology were among prominent people present at the occasion.

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