Thursday, July 16, 2009

Immigration remains immune to economic slowdown

Jalandhar, June 27
The economic slowdown, that threatens to shake very foundations of developed nations of world, has failed to leave even a trace of impact on Indian immigration industry.
Honesty, hard working and integrity remain key factors in Indians being most sought after immigrants. With developed nations ageing at a rapid pace, young India stands as a treasure of human resources.
Lt Col BS Sandhu (retd), Chairman cum managing director (CMD), WWICS, World Wide Immigration Consultancy Services says that at present moment India has a large young population, which is projected to continue till 2025.
“Global immigration is making waves as developed nations deal with aging populations and impending labor shortages. Many governments are implementing major changes to their immigration policies to ease them for influx of talented and hard working immigrants,” says Lt Col Sandhu.
WWICS, being pioneer in global resettlement solutions, opines changes to fast track processing of immigration under federal skilled and investors class immigration. Apart from other categories of immigrants, the business immigration is new big thing on block.
Under the fast track immigration programmes it is possible to reach Canada, Europe and Australia within 6 – 12 months. Czech Republic and Ukraine with liberalized business and professional immigration policies are attraction for entrenched Indian capital investors who can afford to explore business opportunities abroad.
Post-landing services remain USP of WWICS. Along with its associate, global placement services (GPS) it has provided placement and settlement to more than 70000 people and interacts with more than 5000 North American companies to meet their human resource needs.
Many employers and corporate houses have projected their demand for employees. Also many WWICS clients get confirmed job offer prior to getting visa.
Sandhu adds that Canada is improving its immigration system to respond to needs of employers and potential immigrants. Since Canadian economy depends heavily on immigration to fill shortages in its labor market, applications for applicants falling under 38 priority occupation list (POL) are processed on fast-track and person gets decision within a short span of 12 months.
Fast processing would be applicable to people under POL and to applicants who have an offer of arranged employment offer or have already been living legally in Canada for one year as a temporary foreign worker or international student.
Canada also welcomes international students to get their overseas qualifications and find work in sectors they are suited for. Changes are suitable for students and professionals who wish to enroll themselves in Canadian institutions as they can study, get work permit and apply for permanent residency easily. However, an individual has to enroll him or herself in a high potential educational or vocational course for at least an year.
Canada is attracting investors for permanent residency (PR) wherein applicant and his or her family can acquire PR in a matter of 6-12 months under special programs by investing a sum of Rs 50 lakhs. This does not need any IELTS qualification. Canadian investor program offers proposition with a limited 2 years of experience and net worth as low as Canadian $8,00,000, he says.
At UK newly coined UK Border Agency has consolidated separate policies dealing with employment, student and training based immigration into five-tier points based system.
Five tiers consist of tier 1 of highly skilled migrants, tier 2 of skilled workers with a job offer, tier 3 of low-skilled workers, tier 4 of students and tier 5 of youth mobility workers.
Under tier 1 time for immigration is just 30 days after submission of complete documents. It is a point based system where one is required to make 75 points from age, educational qualification, past earnings, UK work experience.
Also one has to get 10 points each for proficiency in English (IELTS) or degree in English medium education recognized by UK and maintenance of funds. The best age is 25 to 31 years.
With points based system, Australia divides general skilled migration program into visa subclasses, many of which do not require a previous job offer from an Australian employer and grant permanent residence very quickly.
Australia is looking for engineers, scientists, doctors nurses, paramedical staff, accountants, teachers, computing professionals, miners, sheet metal workers and plumbers as well.
After creating records of sending thousands of Indians to Canada and Australia, WWICS will also be focusing on investment-based immigration that offers truly promising opportunities in Europe.
In Demark, Danish Green Card Scheme allows skilled individuals to obtain resident permit in just about 6-12 months based on their education, work experience, language skills, adaptability and age. At Denmark successful applicant is granted resident permit for 3 years and is allowed to take family there.

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