Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Swine flu: Alliance Formulations fumigate Bhavan Vidyalaya

Alliance Formulations fumigate swine flu affected schools
Alliance Formulations gift sanitized schools to students

Chandigarh, January 4

Alliance Formulations, a leading service provider for FMCG, lifestyle and healthcare products, is giving a unique gift of hygiene to the students of schools in tricity.

Understanding its corporate social responsibility, Alliance Formulations is fumigating and sanitizing schools free of cost. These mainly include those institutions that have remained closed due to swine flu infections.

Director, Alliance Formulations Anil Nagpal said that the company has decided to combat growing endemic of viral and influenza in a unique way. “We are fumigating and sanitizing those schools that have reported swine flu cases. Fumigation would help in preventing students from falling prey to the virus when they return to schools,” he added.

During the fumigation at Bhavan Viadalya-27, Nagpal said, “Affected areas of the school are being fumigated and all the touch points sanitized, so that this New Year students can enter fearlessly to a germ free area.”

Nagpal explained that during the process, fumigation machine is placed inside the classrooms and its windows and doors are closed. Later, all public touchable surfaces including doors, windows, tables, water taps and even handles are sanitized to wipe off any kind of virus left behind.

The chemical treatment not only destroys swine flu virus but also bacteria, virus (including HIV and HBV & other large viruses), myco bacteria, bacteriophages, amoeba, yeast, fungi, and spore forming organisms.

The schools which are presently being fumigated are Bhavan Vidyalya, St. Kabir Public School and Bhavan Vidalaya Panchkula, Gurukul School Panchkula are in pipe line. “We would accept the requests from all the institutional heads for fumigating who are concerned for their employees, and students,” added Nagpal.


  1. Good Initiative of Allaiace Formulations. Rest should also follow

  2. keep up the good work.We need more people like you to carry on the social cause further
    kanwal singh
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