Sunday, November 15, 2009

Robomania gets underway at The Millennium School, Mohali

Three-day workshop Robomania gets underway at The Millennium School

Mohali, November 12
The three days workshop on robotics – Robomania- based on BuLo Robotronics kits opened today at The Millennium School, Mohali. With a view to inculcate interactive learning methodology in students with a scientific bend of mind, The Millennium School, Mohali is holding Robomania in collaboration with Building Blocks – an experiential learning organization.
On the first day of the event the participants of the workshop learnt about fascinating concepts of science like simple and complex machines, pulleys, levers, two wheel and four wheel drives by creating mechanical designs. Students from class four to eight participated in the workshop.
Ms Komal Singh, Principal, The Millennium School, Mohali said that this program in Robotics has been attended by over 5000 students in the country and The Millennium School, Mohali has introduced it for the first time in the tri-city.
The workshop offers an exciting and fun oriented way to learn science, mathematics and computer science. “Robotics is our future and its better to gear children for the future while they are young. The workshop even gives an opportunity to develop skills like imagination, creativity, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, problem solving and team skills,” she added.
She added that Robomania is a step-by-step learning program designed to stimulate a child’s mind towards innovation and creation via Robotics. The participants not only learnt how to design and program robots but also develop a keen understanding of subjects like science and mathematics.
All the participants would be awarded participation certificates on successful completion of the program. Through this workshop, the participants would also be eligible to participate in the India wide Inter-School Robotics Challenge (IRC).
Tomorrow participants would learn intrinsic methods of sensor programming. This three day workshop is open to non-Millennium students too. They can register at the school with Preeti Singh at the front office till 3 pm.

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